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B 2 B Portal


We are currently investigating options where clients will have the ability to login and access information to their companies, as well as other material, for the cost of a small annual fee.  Of course the strictest security and encryptions will be put in place to ensure that only authorised parties have access.  You may choose not to use this service; it's completely up to you.

This will facilitate a quicker exchange of information and requests for services.

Clients will be able to view current and historical information on:

  • Company administration details (Directors, Secretary, Share Capital issued, authorised, Shareholder information)
  • Minutes and resolutions issued
  • Contracts/Agreements signed and sealed
  • Bank accounts and movement
  • Management Reports
  • Audited Financial Statements
  • Income tax returns and VAT returns

Clients will be able to request on-line

  • New company registration
  • Change to existing companies - administration & constitution (changes to Directors, secretary, share capital, Memorandum and articles etc.)
  • Share purchase agreements
  • Payment requests or bank transfers
  • Certified Copies of Certificates
  • Certified Copies of Financial Statements
  • Certified Copies of any other document (contract/agreement)


CURRENTLY UNDER CONSTRUCTION - expected November 2017 Smile