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Financial Planning


Financial Planning is an area which encompasses a wide range of skills and knowledge such as accounting, risk management, taxation, legal issues, investment, economics and business management.

The key to a successful financial planning practise is the completely understanding of our client's needs, attitudes and fears so we can determine the most appropriate strategies to benefit them.

How can we support and assist you

We can design a financial plan of statement of advice (SOA) that takes you from where you are today to where you want to be in the future, to satisfy your needs and objectives.

We can assist individuals and companies with financial issues through proper planning, including

  • cash flow management
  • education planning
  • retirement planning
  • investment planning
  • risk management and insurance planning
  • tax planning
  • estate planning and
  • business succession planning (for business owners)

We cater to your personal or corporate needs by creating individualized financial plans which are in essence detailed strategies tailored to your specific situation, to meet your specific goals.

Our Scope includes the following

Risk Management and Insurance Planning

Managing cash flow risks through sound risk management and insurance techniques

Investment and Planning Issues

Planning, creating and managing capital accumulation to generate future capital and cash flows for reinvestment and spending

Retirement Planning

Planning to ensure financial independence at retirement 

Tax Planning

Planning for the reduction of tax liabilities and the freeing-up of cash flows for other purposes

Estate Planning

Planning for the creation, accumulation, conservation and distribution of assets

Cash Flow and Liability Management

Maintaining and enhancing personal cash flows through debt and lifestyle management

Education Planning

Education Planning for kids and other family members

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We follow a six-step process outlined below

Step 1: Setting goals with the client, identifying where you want to be in terms of your finances and life

Step 2: Gathering relevant information and includes the qualitative and quantitative aspects of your financial and relevant non-financial situation

Step 3: We analyze your information to properly understand your situation to determine your sufficiency of resources to meet your goals as well as determining what those resources are

Step 4: Constructing a financial plan based on the understanding of what the client wants in the future and his current financial status.  This is your roadmap to goals achievement

Step 5: Implementing the strategies in the plan  using the resources allocated for the purpose

Step 6: Monitoring implementation and reviewing the plan.  Review ensures that the plan remains aligned to your goals, or in cases where your situation or goals change, we adapt new strategies and revise the plan according to the new desired outcomes.

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