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Corporate and Trust Services


Corporate and Trust services encompass all activities that include the formation/incorporation and administration of Companies, Trusts and Partnerships.  This involves intimate knowledge of Tax Law, Companies, Trust and Partnership Law

How can we support and assist you

Company Registration and Corporate Services

  • Registration of Company
    • Local
    • BVI
    • Other Jurisdiction
    • Cyprus Branch
    • International Branch
  • Re-domicile of Company
  • Domiciliary
    • Nominee Shareholders
    • Provision of local directors
    • Provision of local secretary
    • Provision of Registered Office
  • Translation of documents
  • Apostiling and certification of documents
  • Filing of Annual return to Registrar of Companies and Official Receiver
  • Company Administration
    • Changes to Share capital
    • Changes to Shareholders
    • Changes to Directors/Company Secretary
  • Liquidation of Companies


Trusts and SPVs (Special Purpose Vehicles)

  • Formation of Trusts & Partnerships
    • Local
    • International
  • Trustee Services
  • Translation of documents
  • Apostiling and certification of documents



  • Opening of bank account & signatories including bank due diligence for money laundering purposes
    • Cyprus bank including test key codes and digi-pass access
    • Non-Cyprus bank
  • Transfers/Payments



  • Work & residence permits