International Tax Planning


International tax planning is based on the fact that the revenue laws of any state are largely restricted to its domestic economy. By taking advantage of low tax jurisdictions such as Cyprus and some prudent structuring strategies tax may be minimised substantially.

We have a solid understanding of what is and is not legally possible for an expatriate depending on their country of domicile and residence and we only recommend approaches to investing, saving or banking offshore that are legal, beneficial and sustainable long term for the individual or entity based on their current and potential future circumstances.

Through prudent tax planning a person can make three basic changes in his tax situation through offshore tax jurisdictions. He can change


How can we support and assist you

As international tax planners we can advise you on issues that cover your taxation liability, legal tax break utilization and embracing the offshore advantages you are entitled to as an individual or corporation.  We can help you formulate a legal plan to assist with lowering your overall taxation liability.

We can advise you with

See Reference Material for a listing of all DTAs with Cyprus