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Investment Firms



There are three types of Investment Firms that can be currently registered in Cyprus


Cyprus Investment Funds (CIFs); Investment Firms that manage client accounts or portfolio accounts and are incorporated in Cyprus under Company Law to provide investment services and activities and granted authorisation from the Cyprus Securities and Exchange Commission.  For more information on CIFs see More on CIFs


Undertakings in Collective Investment in Transferable Securities (UCITS); Funds that can market themselves throughout Europe and are essentially investments limited to securities listed on a public stock exchange.  UCITS can be either open-ended (i.e. funds that have no pre-determined closing date) or closed-ended (i.e. funds with a pre-determined closing date, on which the fund's assets must be realised and the proceeds distributed back to the subscribers), however closed-ended UCITS are not recognised under the current legislation.   See More on UCITS.


International Collective Investment Schemes (ICIS), Funds whose sole purpose is the collective investment of its funds of their unit holders.See More on ICIS.







There are three regulatory authorities

  • The Central Bank of Cyprus
  • The authority for the supervision and development of Co-op societies
  • The Cyprus Stock and Exchange Commission (CySEC)