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All material and information held at our premises are stored securely and no employee shall have access without prior approval from a Senior Manager.  Approval will only be granted on a need to know basis.

All employees sign a mandatory confidentiality agreement prohibiting them from disclosing information of a sensitive and confidential nature, to any of their colleagues or to any other outside parties.

As a company, we cannot disclose any information to a third party without the prior consent of the client.

The Cyprus Double Tax Agreements (DTA), Exchange of Information (EOI) clauses which have been enacted mean that tax authorities from another jurisdiction, to which the DTA applies, may request information from us.

The Cypriot tax authorities have indicated that requesting jurisdictions must first pursue all means available in their own jurisdiction to obtain such information.  All information that is exchanged may not be passed on to third parties and there are strict confidentiality measures in place meaning that they cannot request information unless an individual is under investigation.

Further, the approval of the Attorney General in Cyprus is mandatory. This was done deliberately to provide a safety mechanism in the system to ensure that ample scrutiny of requests is made, so that only serious and largely criminal cases of money laundering and/or terrorist financing activities, will be processed.

In summary, Cyprus legislation as well as the inland revenue service in Cyprus have no intention to unduly worry or distress investors. They will only investigate serious cases of fraud and illegal activities, and as a company, we are bound to provide information in extreme circumstances where this is so, when ordered to by the tax department or via a court order.