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Dispute Resolution


Our Complaints Handling and Dispute resolution policy sets-out the procedures and policies for

  • receiving complaints
  • investigating complaints
  • responding to complaints within appropriate time limits
  • recording information about complaints
  • identifying and recording systemic issues
  • the types of remedies available for resolving complaints
  • internal structures and reporting requirements for complaints handling

If you are dissatisfied with any of our services provided please contact our office immediately where your complaint will be dealt with as follows

if the complaint is oral, it will either be resolved "on the spot" to the client's satisfaction, or if that is not done, the client will be requested to submit a written complaint (however, there is no requirement that the complaint be in writing before it can be dealt with according to these procedures) and refer the complaint to the Managing Director

if the complaint is in writing, acknowledgement of the complaint within 24 hour of receipt via email

the complaint will receive proper consideration resulting in a determination by the Complaints Handling Officer (CHO) as the person designated as appropriate to handle complaints

the  CHO is obliged to act in good faith in dealing with and resolving the complaint, and must investigate the complaint by a) seeking all relevant information from the complainant, b) obtaining all relevant information from our staff

the CHO may in their discretion give any appropriate remedy to the complainant, including any of the following a) information and explanation regarding the circumstances giving rise to the complaint, b) an apology or c) compensation equal to any loss suffered by the complainant.