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Human Resource Management


How can we support and assist you

We can assist you with all facets of Human resource management


HR/Personnel Structuring

  • Implement job roles, functions, organizational structure, responsibility lines and authorizations
  • Implement capabilities & competencies for job roles and functions
  • Implement performance measurement criteria by level and department
  • Set HR remuneration scale based on capabilities and competencies
  • Implement individual goals and objectives based on broader departmental/organizational context


Recruitment training and performance appraisal


  • Creating advertisement
  • Advertisement placement
  • Review of candidate CV's and selections for interviews
  • Preliminary interviews of initial candidates
  • Recommendations report to firm


Performance Appraisal

  • Joint agreement of objectives with employee
  • Assessment of appraisal from employee supervisor
  • Interview with employee and supervisor on findings
  • Report and recommendations to firm


Mentoring and Coaching staff in the following behaviours and attitudes

  • Participation and Approachability
  • Team Dynamics
  • Career management and continuous learning opportunities
  • Conflict resolution
  • Knowledge sharing


Training (Follow link)