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Training & Workplace Assessments


We provide soft skills as well as technical training some of our key areas of focus include




  • Stakeholder liaison
  • Money Laundering
  • Change Management
  • Basic accounting
  • Communication Skills (written)
  • IAS/IFRS specific
  • Ethics, Integrity and Corporate Governance
  • Tax
  • Time and Stress management
  • VAT
  • Conflict Management
  • International Tax
  • Managing Underperformance
  • Project Management
  • Health, safety and Wellbeing in the workplace
  • Risk Management
  • IT and Asset management



We can also assist you with your training needs in setting up your internal capabilities such as accounting, HR deaprtment etc.  We can also provide advice on internal resources and staffing requirements.


How can we support and assist you


  • Training needs analysis; including identifying competency needs,
  • Planning and delivery of training program; including documenting training program needs and objectives as well as participant assessment
  • Review of training outcomes and further recommendations to firm


Workplace Assessment

  • Planning of assessment; including establishing evidence required for specific context, establishing assessment methods, developing assessment tools appropriate to the assessment context
  • Conduct assessment; including identifying and explain the context of the assessment, planning evidence gathering opportunities, organising the assessment, gathering the evidence, criteria for assessment decisions, recording results and providing feedback to person(s) assessed
  • Review assessment; review of assessment procedures and consistency of assessment decisions reporting review findings to firm